Saturday, January 11, 2014

Futurama Story Intro

My group will be playing our first roleplaying session of Fate Core on Monday.  We have played a few sessions to playtest the Fate Starship Battles rules I developed. Those were a great intro to aspects and Fate in general. On Monday we will play out first session of Fate Core.

We previously made characters which can be found here.

What follows is the introduction to the story:

Everyone is sitting at the company table at Planet Express HQ. Professor Farnsworth comes in carrying a package that occasionally jumps in his hands.

"Good news everyone! We have a very special delivery to make today. It is a special cat, named Slinky. You see, he's extremely special because his mother has been bred with a spring. He is the most playful cat there ever was! We must deliver him quickly to the Lrrr, ruler of Omnicron Persei 8 so that he can give it to his wife, NdNd as a make up present. You see, he's still in the dog house since the last time he pretended to invade Earth."

"Speaking of dogs, unfortunately we have to fly past the Dog Star. The Dog-un despise cats and have developed a powerful Smell-O-Meter that can detect cats that come close to their star, so that they could be DESTROYED! We must be careful! If we fail, Lrrr threatened to really invade earth this time! The world is in our hands."

There is a sound out of the box: "Mrrrow!"

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