Monday, April 25, 2016

"Agents of Change", a Baroque Space Opera Campaign

I recently started a Baroque Space Opera campaign with my gaming group. We decided on an "Agents of Change" story (from the Running the Game chapter) and proceeded with character creation. Creating characters was a lot of fun for everyone, and this is what we came out.

The group are individuals who are tied together by their want to change things. The Tyrantine Dominion must change, or fall. The current regime cannot continue due to it's oppressiveness. The Tyrant Sun is truly a tyrant who must fall.

Iblis Jinn

Iblis Jinn is a 4,000 year old Amarenthine who was granted the Gift of Immortality by the Tyrant for his great advances in bio-technosophy that is used in terraforming. The Jinn Syndicate is solely controlled by Iblis and it develops many technologies that are used on many planets from quick-growing micro-plankton that transforms the atmosphere, to bio-scuba suits that envelop the wearer and act as a breathing and protective suit deep underwater. The Jinn Syndicate has recently began experimenting with bio-ships, and The Cimarron is the first such vessel, with many such bio-enhancements. Iblis enjoys a great party, as often as possible, which he often hosts aboard his personal voidship, The Cimarron. He is well known in Pharisto circles for his vast wealth and extravagant parties.
A stain on Iblis' legacy is the planet Cauldron. He was overseeing its terraforming when things went awry and the experimental bio-technology the Jinn Syndiate produced went rogue and released into Cauldron's atmosphere uncontrolled amounts of carbon dioxide. Shortly after, the run-away greenhouse effect turned the atmosphere turbulent and corrosive. Iblis regrets this stain on his long and glorious history.
High Concept: Amarenthine Elevationist of House Mar-Duk
Trouble: The Shame of Cauldron
Driving Goal: Love and Life 
Aspect: Never Says No to a Party
Aspect: I have More Bio-technology Than You Can Imagine

Great (+4): Resources
Good (+3): Empathy, Presence
Fair (+3): Technosophy, Influence, Shoot
Average (+1): Pilot, Drive, Science, Stealth

  • Jinn Syndicate Overseer
  • Awakened Prana
  • Gift of Immortality
Refresh: 3
Equipment (Non-Beneficial): Shimmering Veil, Projector

Physical: [1][2]
Mental: [1][2]
Wealth: [1][2][3][4]


Motezart is a secretive Transmuter who is obsessed with finding a way to end the Tyrant's immortality through his Revenants. Motezart seeks to uncover the secrets of self-replicating Dust, and find a way to combine it with Iblis' bio-technology to locate and destroy the samples of the Tyrant's cells, held in secret by the Genesis Adepts. Motezart also seeks to gain allies and resources to aid him in his task. He seeks any and all advantages against the Tyrant, in secret, of course!
High Concept: Transmuter Seeking to Transmute the System
Trouble: Challenge the Status Quo
Driving Goal: Permanent Death of the Tyrant
Aspect: Secrets Need Discovering
Aspect: Tech as Strategy

Great (+4): Technosophy
Good (+3): Investigate, Will
Fair (+2): Science, Lore, Deceive
Average (+1): Knack, Influence, Empathy, Presence

  • Essence of Dust (Invocation)
  • Transmuter Robes (p. 341)
  • Artifice Maker (p. 323)
Refresh: 3
Equipment (Non-Beneficial): Projector

Physical: [1][2]
Mental: [1][2][3][4]
Wealth: [1][2]


Nazith is a Mirror Man who was once gifted to Iblis Jinn during one of his parties. Nazith is a loyal servant of Iblis and Iblis has used him on many occasions to impersonate Iblis, when the threat of danger has lurked. Nazith serves as Iblis' chief infiltrator and has used his shape-shifting abilities to infiltrate rivals and to spy on enemies. 
High Concept: Mirror Man Infiltration Agent of Iblis
Trouble: Obsessive Compulsive 
Driving Goal: To Serve My Lord
Aspect: Reader of Body Language
Aspect: <not yet chosen>

Great (+4): Deceive
Good (+3): Strength, Presence
Fair (+2): Empathy, Physique, Fight
Average (+1): Survival, Shoot, Knack, Investigate

  • Freakish Reflection
  • Manipulator
  • Martial Arts: Mirror Man (use Deceive in place of Fight until first stress taken)
Refresh: 3
Equipment (Non-Beneficial): Mirror Man Mask, Knife, Projector

Physical: [1][2][3]
Mental: [1][2]
Wealth: [1][2]

Daan "Kai"

Daan, also known as "Kai" is a Remnant who was awakened on a drifting troop transport from the time of the First Nihilim Invasions. by the Elevated from a mining colony on a minor resource extraction operation on an unnamed planet. Daan joined the colony and for the first time in his life since the change to a Remnant many millennia. Life was good, until the Dominion Fleet arrived on rumours that the Arch Heretic Nemesis was active within the colony. The fleet, under the orders of the Amarenthine Brogar ordered the utter annihilation of the colony. Daan survived because he was in the mines when the bombardment began. He dug himself out of the mines and swore revenge on Brogar. His signal was picked up by The Cimarron and he was picked up. Finding common cause with Iblis, he now travels with the Amarenthine, hoping one day, he will have a chance to exact revenge on Brogar.
High Concept: Remnant Seeking Revenge
Trouble: Consumed With Guilt to Protect Innocents
Driving Goal: Revenge on Brogar
Aspect: Slowly Failing Systems
Aspect: Will Go to any Lengths to Win

Great (+4): Shoot
Good (+3): Physique, Fight
Fair (+2): Stealth, Tactics, Technosophy
Average (+1): Provoke, Pilot, Delve, Investigate

Quick on the Draw
Shield Practice

Refresh: 3
Equipment (Non-Beneficial): Personal Shunt, Projector, Sword, Throwing Knife

Physical: [1][2][3][4]
Mental: [1][2]
Wealth: [1][2]

The Cimarron

The Cimarron is the flagship of the Jinn Syndicate and personal barge of the Amarenthine Iblis Jinn. The vessel hosts the famous Gardens of Jinn, which are known for their splendour, beauty, as well as rare and unique species of plant developed by the Syndicate. The vessel also serves as a first-class mobile laboratory for the Jinn Syndicate. The voidship carries many marines to provide security and the Ophanim of the ship is Ezeekiel who is loyal to Iblis through multiple generations of captains.
Aspect: The Gardens of Jinn
Aspect: Bio-Engineering Facility
Aspect: Well-Travelled

Hull: Large (4)
Crew/Passengers: 100/500
Holds Capacity: 8

Weapons: Fair (+2)
Structure: Good (+3)
Systems: Good (+3)
Navigation: Average (+1)
Sensors: Fair (+2)
Stealth: Mediocre (+0)
Holds: Fair (+2)
Boarding: Good (+3)

  • Lightracer
  • Psyberbrain Intelligence
    • Name: She
    • Aspects: Motherly, Independent Streak, She's Talked to Everyone
  • History
  • Medical Bay
Refresh: 3

Structural: [1][2][3][4]
Systems: [1][2][3][4]
Marines: [1][2][3][4]
Consequences: Mild, Moderate

I won't go into the details of the current adventure because I am likely to publish it at a later date. Needless to say, the characters are already in a heap of trouble!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baroque Space Opera is 30% OFF through February!

The Tyrant has decreed that this is a time of love and happiness! Now and through February, Baroque Space Opera is 30% OFF digital and print (after print costs). Get your copy before the Arch Heretics do!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baroque Space Opera is now available in print!

Baroque Space Opera is now available in print over at DriveThroughRPG!

The book is available in hardcover and softcover versions. If you have purchased the PDF prior to the print being available, you will receive a code with a discount equivalent to purchasing the PDF and print via email. I just need to figure out how to manage that with the DRTRPG tools provided first.

Happy New Year!

Here are some pictures of the (hefty) physical books:

Friday, December 18, 2015

Baroque Space Opera Print Proofs have arrived!

Today the print proofs for the hardcover and softcover versions of Baroque Space Opera have arrived. They look incredible. I am finally holding my own physical book! The colours all came out amazing in print.

Unfortunately, I immediately noticed I need to make some quick tweaks. A few of the full-page sized images got trimmed with a bit of white at the top of the page in the hardcover (the softcover looks good so far). I did not cover the full bleed area for when a page is trimmed (damn newbie mistake I won't make again). There is also a typo I want to fix that was reported after the proofs went to print. I'm hoping this will be approved by next week, but it may take long because of the holidays. Still, I'd rather not rush and provide the best possible looking book I can. I will also make the background grid patterns on the cover a bit more prominent, they are a bit dark for what I wanted them to look like.

Here's some pictures of the books.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Win a Printed BSO Map Contest with Fate Bundle of Holding +3

I've been fortunate to be asked to participate in the Fate Bundle of Holding +3. Baroque Space Opera is now bundled with many awesome books from Evil Hat. This bundle is the perfect way to get started with Fate.

The Fate Bundle includes:

  • Fate Core and Fate Accelerated
  • Atomic Robo 
  • Baroque Space Opera
  • Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST
  • Part-Time Gods of Fate
  • Hunters of Alexandria
  • Venture City Stories
  • Behind the Walls
  • Psychedemia
  • Eagle Eyes
  • Gods & Monsters
  • Sails Full of Stars
  • Fate Codex V2 #1-3 (Magpie Games)

But wait, there's more!

I am going to be giving out a printed Baroque Space Opera map in poster size that I got printed to a random lucky person who pays more than the bonus threshold when the bundle ends on Wed, Dec 2nd, 2015.

Get it here: Fate Bundle of Holding +3

Here's the G+ post from Bundle of Holding.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baroque Space Opera Voidship Sheet

I have created a Voidship (space ship) sheet for Baroque Space Opera to match the style of the character sheet. I have tried to keep it as clean and clutter free as possible. Feel free to post any feedback you may have.

Baroque Space Opera is available at DriveThroughRPG!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Baroque Space Opera Character Sheet Rev 2

The first iteration of the Baroque Space Opera character sheet was too busy. It tried to be too much, when you really just want to track your character. It looked nice, but was too stylized. This second iteration is a lot cleaner, more focused, and better structured -- I think. Let me know what you think?

Compare it to the previous iteration.