Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baroque Space Opera Update #1: A Logo!

This is very exciting! The art is almost complete for the Baroque Space Opera Fate Core setting. I'm about to sit down and write up the art direction for the book cover scene, as well as the last couple of bits of art filler for the book.

What's most exciting is that the Baroqueverse now has a frickin' logo!

Pretty cool eh?! This is the emblem of the Tyrantine Dominion, containing within it a zodiac of 13 Houses of the Pharistos (they got a rename recently), with the Tyrant Sun in the centre.

I am still working on the writing, it has been progressing much slower than expected - mainly due to work burn out. I'm going to be picking up the pace now that the art is pretty much done. We have done some mock ups of the cover during the logo design, and they look awesome.

Another thing that I want to throw out there is that I came up with a really simple gear system for Fate Core; one which can model anything from carried gear, companions, mounts, and vehicles even; all in one simple system. I'm very excited to play test this shortly. It is quite different from the Jadepunk Asset system, in case anyone is wondering.

That's all for now. This is very exciting, I can't wait to finish. One of the hardest parts is adding new things and ideas into the setting, which sometimes prevents me from finishing the work in progress. I guess that is not a bad problem to have.