Friday, September 6, 2013

RPG Tokens

I've been using tokens in my RPGs for a while now. We are currently using tokens for Moxie in Eclipse Phase. This entry is about some easy to get (and cheap) tokens which work great.

When I got married, the flower arrangements my mom made had these red plastic crystals. My obvious first thought was "tokens!". So she got me some from the flower shop she works at. I assume you can find them at a flower shop or one of those sewing/decorating places.

When doing our home renos, I watched the tile guy we hired laying tiles. He was using Tile Spacers to keep the tiles apart while they set. I obviously thought "tokens!". I went to the local hardware store and picked up 2 bags for only a couple of bucks each. These small plastic pluses make awesome tokens. You can also paint them (I didn't) for effect and various colours. The tile spacers make amazing Fate Points and Boosts. I have thick and thin ones. Look for them in the tile section of your local home improvement store.

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