Monday, August 5, 2013

Fate Psychic Powers

The space opera setting I am creating has psychics. The Fate Toolkit provides some really good takes on handling magic and psychic abilities. Though they are really good suggestions, none of them really struck me as as the right solution for my setting. I wanted a bit more definition to my psychic abilities than the examples provided.

Fate Core offers solutions such as subtle systems where all effects are advantages on one end of the scale. The other end of the scale is where each individual power is a stunt which does something specific. Neither solution really appealed to me. I also looked at Legends of Anglerre and Starblazer Adventures for inspiration. I don't have the Dresden Files RPG (I am watching the show with my wife on Netflix currently) though based on what I read on the interwebs, its magic is more subtle which is something I am not going for with the psychic abilities for my setting. Think more along the likes of unsubtle 40K psychic powers with costs associated with use.

I've come up with a system which currently is based on my Skill Fields proposal (see here). The system could easily be changed to use stunts for each of the psychic disciplines without any trouble. It is all based on a single skill called Psi.

I posted the write up on my wiki for your perusal. As usual, I welcome any and all comments. I have not had the opportunity to play test any of this yet.

Link: Psychic Powers for FATE


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